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Pristalife Astaxanthin Softgels: Experience the remarkable benefits of Astaxanthin with Pristalife Astaxanthin Softgels, each containing 4mg of this potent antioxidant in every softgel. Astaxanthin, often hailed as "the king of carotenoids," is derived from algae, specifically Haematococcus pulvalis. It stands out for its unique ability to never become a pro-oxidant in the body, thereby avoiding harmful oxidative effects.

Astaxanthin: Astaxanthin, often referred to as "the king of carotenoids," is a powerful antioxidant found in algae, specifically Haematococcus pulvalis. It is unique in that it never becomes a pro-oxidant in the body, thus avoiding harmful oxidative effects.

Clinical Trial Results:

  • Reduces various oxidative stress markers.
  • Prevents oxidative damage.
  • Prevents peroxidation of blood lipids, including LDL cholesterol.
  • Prevents depletion of non-enzymatic antioxidant defense.
  • Dosage range: 2mg to 4mg per day.

In-Vitro Research Results:

  • Multiple times stronger than all other antioxidants tested in various head-to-head antioxidant experiments.
  • Generally at least 10X stronger than all other carotenoids.
  • 800X stronger than CoQ10.
  • 550X stronger than Vitamin E.
  • 6000X stronger than Vitamin C.
  • 18X stronger than Pycnogenol®.
  • 20X to 90X stronger than Synthetic Astaxanthin as an antioxidant in three separate tests from two peer-reviewed studies.

Anti-Inflammatory and Joint & Muscle Health:

  • Decreases C-Reactive Protein (CRP) levels, a key marker for systemic or "silent" inflammation.
  • Prevents muscle damage and inflammation in athletes.
  • Reduces pain in rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.
  • Decreases pain rate and pain duration in carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers.
  • Improves grip strength by 93% in sufferers of tendonitis (tennis elbow) with reduced pain and improved mobility.
  • Reduces joint and muscle pain in heavily-training athletes.
  • Dosage range: 4mg to 12mg per day.

Eye Health:

  • Dose-dependently improves visual acuity (the ability to see fine detail).
  • Improves depth perception.
  • Improves eye fatigue.
  • Also can prevent eye fatigue.
  • Increases retinal capillary blood flow.
  • Increases blood flow velocity to the eyes.
  • Prevents eye strain.
  • Improves eye accommodation (adjustment of the lens that allows it to focus).
  • Reduces eye soreness.
  • Prevents eye dryness.
  • Prevents diplopia (double vision).
  • Dosage range: 4mg to 8mg per day.

Cardiovascular Support:

  • Improves blood lipid parameters in patients with mild hyperlipidemia.
  • Dose-dependently inhibits LDL cholesterol oxidation.
  • May contribute to the prevention of atherosclerosis.
  • Improves blood flow rate.
  • Decreases heart rate of athletes when doing endurance training.
  • Dosage range: 4mg to 18mg per day.

Skin Health & Beauty From Within:

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Increases skin moisture levels.
  • Improves skin elasticity.
  • Prevents skin sagging.
  • Reduces visible signs of UV-aging within four to six weeks of use.
  • Prevents photo-aging of skin.
  • Prevents UV damage.
  • Improves skin conditions in all layers of the skin (corneocyte layer, epidermis, basal layer, and dermis).
  • Dosage range: 4mg to 6mg per day.

Fertility and Sperm Improvement:

  • Improves sperm quality.
  • Increases sperm motility.
  • Decreases reactive oxygen species in sperm.
  • May be used to decrease male idiopathic infertility.
  • Improves conception rate in infertile men.
  • Also improves sperm functioning and motility in normal men without any fertility issues.
  • Dosage: 16mg per day.

Immune System Modulation:

  • Improves a variety of immunity markers in subjects at only 2mg per day in eight weeks.
  • Increases the total number of antibody-producing B-cells.
  • Amplifies natural killer cell cytotoxic activity.
  • Leads to an increased number of T-cells.
  • Stimulates white blood cell counts.
  • Significantly increases delay-type hypersensitivity response.
  • Dramatically reduces DNA damage.
  • Raises immunoglobulin levels in healthy athletes.
  • Suppresses lymphocyte activation in patients with allergic rhinitis and pollen-related asthma.
  • Leads to therapeutic improvement in patients suffering from autoimmune diseases.
  • Dosage range: 2mg to 4mg per day.

    प्रिस्टालाइफ एस्टाक्सांथिन सॉफ्टजेल: प्रिस्टालाइफ एस्टाक्सांथिन सॉफ्टजेल के साथ एस्टाक्सांथिन के अद्भुत लाभों का अनुभव करें, प्रत्येक सॉफ्टजेल में 4 मिलीग्राम इस प्रबल एंटीऑक्सीडेंट की होता है। एस्टाक्सांथिन, जिसे अक्सर "कैरोटेनॉयड का राजा" कहा जाता है, खासकर हैमाटोकोकस पुलवालिस नामक शैवाल से प्राप्त किया जाता है। यह शरीर में कभी भी प्रो-ऑक्सिडेंट नहीं बनता है, जिससे नुकसानकारी ऑक्सीडेटिव प्रभावों से बचा जाता है।

    चिकित्सा परीक्षण के परिणाम:

    • विभिन्न ऑक्सिडेटिव तनाव निर्देशकों को कम करता है।
    • ऑक्सिडेटिव नुकसान को रोकता है।
    • खून के वसा, जिसमें एलडीएल कोलेस्ट्रॉल भी शामिल है, की पेरोक्सीडेशन को रोकता है।
    • गैर-एंजाइमेटिक एंटीऑक्सिडेंट रक्षा की कमी को रोकता है।
    • मात्रा सीमा: 2 मिलीग्राम से 4 मिलीग्राम प्रतिदिन।

    इन-विट्रो अनुसंधान के परिणाम:

    • विभिन्न मुख-सिरे एंटीऑक्सिडेंट परीक्षणों में सभी अन्य एंटीऑक्सिडेंट से कई बार अधिक ताकतवर साबित होता है।
    • आमतौर पर सभी अन्य कैरोटिनॉयड से कम से कम 10 गुना ताकतवर है।
    • COq10 से 800 गुना ताकतवर है।
    • विटामिन ई से 550 गुना ताकतवर है।
    • विटामिन सी से 6000 गुना ताकतवर है।
    • Pycnogenol ® से 18 गुना ताकतवर है।
    • दो संदर्भित अध्ययनों के तीन अलग-अलग परीक्षणों में सिंथेटिक एस्टाक्सांथिन के अंतर्वासिकता के रूप में 20X से 90X गुना ताकतवर है।